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                I am Cathy, I am an outgoing and a warm-hearted girl who has been staying in Yangshuo for more than 8 years. In 2008 I came to Zhuoyue to learn English. After that Yangshuo was always on my mind, so in 2014 I decided to work in Zhuoyue. I think Zhuoyue is like a big family because the teachers here are so friendly and colleagues are helping each other. I can’t stop learning English here because of the “English only” rule we have here in Zhuoyue, it keep me speaking English every day. And the most interesting part here is that I can meet many people from all around the world, I often share ideas about education with them, and it inspired me motivates me to take education as my career, This is how english changed me and I am sure it will change you too. If you want to experience a different lifestyle then come to Zhuoyue, I will always be here waiting for you!
                Hi, everyone. I am Angie, nice to meet you. My job is to serve students and manage students,and I love it so much. I graduated from Guangxi University with English Education as my major, and through my effort I have passed CET during my time in university. It has been almost 10 years since I came to Zhuoyue in 2007. It is a long time, but I learnt a lot and got a lot from ZhuoYue. I have witnessed the growth and development of ZhuoYue and ZhuoYue has seen my growth as well, which trained my will, casted my perseverance and improved me a lot. I am enthusiastic,funny,hardworking, responsible and serious. As for students, I am both serious and kind to them, aiming for good achievement for students, which is also my goal for working and my greatest achievement. I stay here because of yangshuo's beauty and unique features; I believe that would be the reason why you should come to ZhuoYue to study English.
                My name is Samuel Toillion. I'm a native English speaker from Colorado, a mountainous state in the western United States. I'm a CELTA certified English teacher and graduated from university with degrees in Linguistics and French. Working at Zhuoyue has allowed me to share my knowledge of English with students who really want to learn. It’s been an enjoyable and very stimulating experience for me as I’ve long been interested in language learning. Outside of teaching, I enjoy many outdoors sports such as cycling, rock climbing, and hiking. All of these make Yangshuo an even better place to live, and at Zhuoyue we have a great community of students and colleagues to enjoy these activities with.
                Hi, my name is Nathan and I am a native English teacher from the United States. I have an extensive background in tutoring and one on one teaching in subjects like English and math as an elementary and middle school tutor. Later, as an equipment supervisor in the movie industry I gained multiple necessary skills that enhanced my teaching methods with students of diverse backgrounds.. I would say I have always had a passion for teaching, and with the diverse student body of Zhuoyue and the training I have received from the staff and other experienced teachers, I have been able to make the best of a job that I love.
                Hello, my name is Chantol Lowe and I am from the tropical island of Jamaica.
                I am a fun, vivacious and outgoing young woman who studied Forensic Chemistry at one of the earliest and most prestigious universities in Jamaica: The University of Technology.
                I have been teaching English as a foreign language for quite some time now. However, it never ever feels routine. Every day I have new and unique teaching experiences in the classroom. It's a world of fun and intellectual stimulation.
                Zhuoyue has afforded me the amazing opportunity to impart my expansive knowledge of the English Language to enthusiastic adults and young adults while simultaneously immersing myself in the Chinese culture.
                I am a happy teacher because I am living my dream at Zhuoyue!
                Hello, my name is Catherine Sandoval. I am a native English speaker from the United States. I have an extensive background in education as I was a teacher for 4 years at a middle school in the United States. I taught world history and American history in Spanish to students aged 12 to 14 years old through a special program called Dual Immersion. In addition to teaching, I also formed a part of committees that wrote curriculum guides for other history teachers in the city I taught in. Teaching history stems from my passion to travel the world and learn about new cultures and the history of the places I visit. I am grateful for the opportunity to use my knowledge as a traveler to inspire my students to develop a passion for learning and for learning other languages. I am excited to continue teaching in China and help my new students master the English language. Yangshuo is a special place and I am very happy to teach here. I look forward to meeting you soon!
                Hello my name is Gabriel Stanley. I’m from the northwest of America, specifically southern Oregon and Northern California. I first started teaching in high school after basketball season, when me and my teammate would teach basketball skill camps for low income youth. This is desire to help others, motivated me to take those skills and use them to help others. I went to school at University of Washington where I majored in accounting. After school I decided to join Zhuoyue school to once again pursue my passion to teach others. My goal now is to integrate the experiences I’ve had in life and use them for the greater good. I believe I won’t just give students a route to learn English but also a route to understand how western culture speaks and thinks.
                I am from London in the UK and I have been teaching English as a foreign language since 2010. I have a CELTA qualification for teaching English as a foreign language. My teaching style focuses on practical modern English that students will find useful in everyday situations. I give my students plenty of opportunity to practice their oral English in my classes. If my students want to study a specific area of English I am happy to prepare lessons on any subject, including business English, fomal and informal styles.
                I come from Canada and graduated from Laval University in Philosophy and Literature. I have a deep interest in all of the world's cultures and languages. As such, I have now traveled in more than 30 countries and speak 5 languages. I take my mission teaching in Zhuoyue really seriously. Chinese cultures are dear to me and it's a constant pleasure to share experiences with the people that populate this country. For me, teaching is first about transmitting passion to the students. More than grammar and vocabulary, I hope to give my students the passion for learning, which will drive them to constantly improve themselves. I believe languages classes are more than only learning about a language, they are also about opening oneself to another culture and another way of thinking. As such, I prioritize discussions and debates as ways to strengthen a student's English.
                My name is Glenda and I'm from the Philippines-a country with 7,100 islands! My Chinese name is Gao Lan. I told myself that if Chinese people are not nice to me, then I will go back home...Eventually, I stayed in China for 5 years without going home to the Philippines! I consider China as my second home. I feel lucky here. I have a lot of wonderful experiences that I will treasure for the rest of my life.Zhuo Yue is my fourth school but before Zhuo Yue,I was teaching in Ningxia province,in Inner Mongolia and now in Yangshuo. This place is amazing! I am thankful to Johnson for giving me a chance to teach in his school. The faculty members are great and the Chinese staff are very helpful.I hope I could stay longer here.so, to our dear students, please don't hesitate to approach me if you need somebody to talk to. I'm a good listener! I can be your friend too!
                Hello my name is Shaun and I am a native English teacher from England. I enjoy travelling and have spent the last 6 years travelling around the world exploring and learning about new cultures. I really enjoy teaching because everyday is different and it's so rewarding watching a person grow under the right encouragement and direction. It's also very interesting because we get to share information about each other's cultures and ultimately have fun while learning. I am a relatively new teacher but fiercely enjoy a daily challenge and believe your language problems are mine! I look forward to teaching you.
                My name is Marek Soukal, and I come from the Czech Republic where I initiated my studies with a Masters Program - Pedagogy of linguistics and literature, afterwards continued with business in New York, but later on transitioned to UCLA and University of Santa Monica as a Biology and Linguistics major in Los Angeles. During my studies, I worked as a language tutor, athletics instructor, event manager, and program coordinator both in Europe and the United States. After graduation, I immediately started teaching Anatomy and its implications in health care facilities. Teaching in Los Angeles was a great experience for its cultural diversity of my students. In order to expand my knowledge as a teacher I wanted a new challenge. I have always been greatly interested in linguistics, therefore coming to teach to Yang Shuo was a perfect fusion of work, learning new language, and experiencing one of the most ancient cultures in the World.
                Hi, my name is John, and I come from the beautiful city of Barcelona. I am an experienced certified TESOL teacher and have enjoyed teaching English in China to a variety of students for a good 8 years. As a learner myself (I have been self-studying Chinese for 14 years), I relate to many of the difficulties that my students face (seemingly unreasonable grammatical rules, pronunciation problems, thinking patterns, vocabulary acquisition, etc) and this helps me to put myself in their shoes. I strive to go beyond the traditional grammar-oriented teaching methods, and to provide students with plenty of opportunities to express themselves freely. I also like to provide natural, useful expressions not easily found in traditional English courses, as well as help them with pronunciation issues and understand and use connective speech correctly.
                I'm Ruaraidh Chase. I'm from the South coast of England. I first came to China in February last year to study Kung Fu in a village not far from here. As a result, having not really know what Yangshuo was like before, I discovered it. After 4 months, I left and went to Mexico and saw something very different. Whilst I was traveling last year, I couldn't help but think of Yangshuo.
                I had the mountains in my mind, so I travelled back in the May of this Year and have been working here at Zhouyue ever since. I love the lifestyle that's available here and the scenery is just stunning.
                Hi, everyone! I’m Jane. I have been here since I graduated from university in 2008. I am a cute, patient, enthusiastic and sometimes crazy girl. I felt in love with Yangshuo at the first moment I came. Here in Zhuoyue, there are teachers and volunteers from everywhere in the world and students from different places of China. We speak English and share our knowledge or happiness every day. We hang out together during the weekends. I really enjoy meeting people from different places and making friends with them. I love teaching and helping people with their English. I feel glad about every improvement they have made. Zhuoyue is just like a big and warm family. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy learning English, we are here waiting for you…
                I'm Catherine from Guilin Guangxi province; I graduated from Guilin University of technology and got my Teacher Certification there. I already passed CET-6 during the period of school. I came to Zhuoyue English College in July, 2016. The great atmosphere for English studies and the elegant environment here attracted me a lot. Working at ZY, we, the staff, care about each other, encourage each other, which makes me feel warm. Here, I try my best to help people in need. When they find their happiness here, at the same time I feel satisfied. Various types of activities are held regularly at ZY. The wonderful experience makes me feel really excited. At Zhuoyue, we dedicate ourselves to making every student progress with our sense of responsibility, and to reassure students and their parents with our great patience and concentration.
                Hi there! My name is Cherry. I’ve only been in Yangshuo for a year but I’m loving every part of it! The scenery is fascinating and people are very friendly. I’ve been learning English for almost ten years and I’ve been teaching English for a year now. The reason I wanted to learn English in the first place is to make friends with people around the world. And learning English has really helped me do that. If you really want to learn English, I’ll be happy to share my experience and method with you. I’m sure we’ll both have a very good time!
                Hello , my name is Alina and I come from JiLin Province that is really far away from GuiLin . I graduated from Jilin University . I have a Tesol certificate(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).I have been teaching English for more than ten years .I am a considerate ,kind and responsible girl . I have been in Yangshuo for four months, Although it took me a long time by air from the North to the South .I never regret coming here . I am deeply attracted by the stunning scenery here . There’s always a saying “no place is like home”however , Zhuoyue is just like a sweet home , because of my friendly and warm-hearted colleagues . I really enjoy the life in Zhuoyue ,Yangshuo .
                hello my name is hao. graduated from xihua university in 2010, majored in business english. i came to yangshuo in 2006 and immediately fell in love with this place. personally i believe the most important thing for anyone to learn something is their interest,so i make it my main job to inspire people to become interested in the culture of english speaking countries. im glad to be teaching in zhuoyue where you get to have a fun learning experience in the amazing scenery of yangshuo
                Unconsciously, I have been in Yangshuo for over 2 years. How time flies!
                During this period, my experience working for Zhuoyue totally makes me a new man. Meanwhile, I turn to be much more active, positive, initiative, dynamic and optimistic than before. I feel really delighted about what becomes of me. In the holly place watered by our sweat, I have been trained to be a qualified and experienced teacher from being a green hand. I’ve learned teaching is not just about teaching but also a kind of interaction; teaching is not to control but to guide and interest; teaching is not to cram up but to engage. You’ll be profound here! Welcome to join our zhuoyue family.
                Hi! This is Jelly, an old big boy from the middle of China. If you see this introduction, it means in the future we will have a chance to see each other. If you like running, singing, poem or even computer science and technology, we can be good friends. Let’s make the future together.
                Hi! I am Tina. People who know me always say I am a patient,kind and warm-hearted person. I like the beautiful landscapes and a peaceful lifestyle in Yangshuo. Zhuoyue is located in a beauty spot near the Yulong River. It’s a perfect place to learn English-not only can you improve your English skills, but also you can improve your health by experiencing the? fresh, natural surroundings. I hope you will decide to come here soon, Let’s enjoy happy times together!
                Hi,everybody! I'm Frank. I enjoy the feeling that English brings me. Because of English, I have become more confident and happier. It has changed my life. If you are someone who wants to pick the English up again, where do you start? What do you do? Where do you go? Zhuoyue English College is a good choice. There are so many partners, Whether you are a man or a woman, old or young, that have done what you want to do. Yes, it’s time to start, it’s time to change, it’s time to join us! Yes, Zhuoyue English college will help you to be successful. Better English, better life. Let’s sail in the ocean of English!
                Hi, I'm Alex,an energetic and optimistic person who has been in yangshuo for almost two years, i decided to stay in yangshuo because I was attracted by the landscape and all of the wonderful outdoor activities here. If you like to do outdoor activities,we can do them together at the weekends. During the week I can help you to improve your English as well, anyway I'm always here and waiting for you all!
                My name is Frances, and I graduated from university in 2018 with a bachelor's degree in business English. I'm crazy about English, and I work very hard on it. I passed CET Band 4 and CET Band 6, TEM 4 and TEM 8. I'm very active and out-going, full of energy and passion. I like singing and dancing, and also all kinds of outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. I chose to stay in Yangshuo because I was attracted by the wonderful scenery here and its global. environment.
                My name is Nana . I graduated from Xi’an Fanyi University. I have been in zhuoyue about 2 years and at first I was a student here .Because I like zhuoyue this big and warm family so I decided to stay here to be a TA. I am kind-hearted, patient, and easygoing person. In spare time, I like reading books, surfing on the Internet, listening to music .because they can make me feel relaxed.
                Hello, everyone, I am Jessica. I am going to graduate from Xi'an International University next year.I have been here for 2 months already. At first, I worked in Summer Camp of Zhuoyue for 1 month. In my mind, zhuoyue is a big and warm family. That’s why I decided to stay here and become a TA. All of staff are kind, friendly and easygoing. I like them very much. In zhuoyue my job is helping the students to solve some problems in both study and life.I like reading books before I go to sleep. I think it will improve myself. Also I like singing and listening to music because it can make me relax when I feel tired.I hope we can see each other in the future and welcome to zhuoyue.
                Hey, This is Flo, I started to work for Zhuoyue in 2007.You may want to know how one can work for a company for such a long time. I am here to tell you the reasons, 1.I have made so many friends in Zhuoyue, they are funny, smart and always beside me when I need them. 2. Even though I am an accountant here, I have got many chances to practice my English with foreigners, and now I can converse with students and foreigners easily. 3. I love my job, I feel so happy here every day. I recommend it to you if you want to have a relax life and a wonderful experience you should come to Yangshuo, If you want to have a better English then come to Zhuoyue.
                My name is Tom and I became a member of Zhuoyue in 2012.From knowing nothing about English to communicate with foreigners without any problems, it is Zhuoyue English College that helps me get through this hard time. The “English only” rule here always keep me speaking English at any time and any places. I love my job here as well as my coworkers. They are so friendly and often help me with my job. Also, the students here are from different palaces with different backgrounds, and they are so cute and from whom I have learnt many interesting things. What I like most here is that every week, foreigners from all over the world would come here as volunteers to share their countries’ cultures which means I can experience different cultures here without going abroad.
                My name is Chloe,I worked in a trading compamny for many years,them joined in Zhuoyue English College in 2015.I like english, enjoy the English atmosphere here, Some students say they do not only learn and master english in Zhuoyue, but also their confidence also increases. There are also parents who that say their children did not only learn english in Zhuoyue, but also came back joyful. I would like to say,it is a great honor to work here ,I get to know so many friends here , they makes me happy ! I feel very lucky!
                Hello my name is Lancy .I am from HuNan province . I joined in the ZhuoYue English College in 2016. I like the fantastic scenery of YangShuo as well as the students ,colleagues here. I am a lovely, passionate girl. I like jogging and listening to music.when you come to our school, we can run along YuLong river and learn english together.
                Hello, everyone. My name is Ken.My major is information technology,I do system analysis,trouble shooting and provide software support. I am friendly and honest. I can always get on well with others.I hope I can be a friend of yours soon. I like playing badminton and I also like swimming. I often play badminton with my best friend in the park on weekends. In summer I love swimming in the Yulong River because it is a thing of beauty with friends and I think it is one of the best ways of keeping healthy.I also like reading books and I often read books in the evening. I am very happy to be a member of ZhuoYue staff.